Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Ideal Music Teaching Environment

Keeping a positive, relaxing and encouraging energy to your teaching studio is (unsurprisingly) quite important. Some music teachers like to experiment with various speaker...
cash payment music teacher

How To Manage Not Getting Paid

Like in any business, you are going to encounter clients who don’t want to pay adequately for services rendered. Many music teachers have an...
happy music student

5 Ways to Incentivise and Reward Students Practice

Did you know that students of all ages need incentives and rewards to do well in class? Research shows that incentives are great motivation...
starting a music teaching business

10 Simple Tips on Starting a Music Business

With a formal musical education and time on your hand, an idea to start a music tutoring business may seem more and more appealing...
piano lessons for kids

Piano Lessons for Kids

There is a lot of pride in parents when they hear their young child play its first piano piece publicly without a flaw. But...
piano lessons cost

How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost in Australia?

Whether you are looking to start your child on a piano playing course or you’d like to learn how to tickle the ivories yourself...
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