Friday, April 3, 2020
piano lessons cost

How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost in Australia?

Whether you are looking to start your child on a piano playing course or you’d like to learn how to tickle the ivories yourself...
how to write a musical analysis

Teaching Students How To Write A Musical Analysis

Most students struggle more with one area of musical assessment: music analysis. During an exam, a student is expected to actively listen to a...
piano lessons for kids

Piano Lessons for Kids

There is a lot of pride in parents when they hear their young child play its first piano piece publicly without a flaw. But...
blues guitar tips

Blues Guitar Tips

Learning to play a blues guitar is a straight forward process as it requires you either to take lessons with a guitar teacher, go...
cleaning woodwind instruments

Teaching Woodwind Beginners to Clean Their Instruments

Woodwind instruments like the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and saxophone sound wonderful but to maintain the quality of sound, it is important to maintain...

Lung Games for Wind Instruments

If you teach wind instruments, you certainly know how to breathe correctly. But here are some tricks I use to help students out. Hopefully...
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