How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost in Australia?

piano lessons cost

Whether you are looking to start your child on a piano playing course or you’d like to learn how to tickle the ivories yourself it comes at a certain cost.

Playing the piano is proven to be a great way of improving a number of skills, beyond learning to play the instrument itself, such as boosting the capacity to memorize things, improving many cognitive aspects as well as creating neurological links that will help even at an older age. For adults, playing the piano could be a great way to relieve stress and liven up your day in retirement.

Nowadays there are many ways of learning to play the piano. It could be divided into a traditional and a modern approach, brought about by the emergence of new technologies.

Private Lessons

Traditionally you would hire a piano teacher or a tutor, which could cost you anywhere from $25 to $70 per hour. The exact price can depend on many things such as the quality of the music you are looking to learn or the experience of the teacher. It is important to note that, if you are serious about learning to play the piano you should look for a teacher that can provide quality service, although the better the teacher the higher the price.

On top of that, there are other costs that come into play. You’d certainly need to buy a piano if you don’t already own one, and you would also need to buy certain literature.

Group Lessons

There is another option, namely the group lessons, that will cost you up to $50 but it all boils down to finding the right teacher who can provide you with quality lessons and is the right fit for you. Although some would like to think that traditional is old-fashioned, this approach certainly has an advantage over the second approach to be discussed and it is the hands-on approach as well as the ability of a teacher to help you improve your technique and posture. It is probably the best way to formalize your education.

Self Education

With the advancement of technology, a new modern way of learning to play the piano has come about. With time on your hands you can start on the path of learning to play the piano by yourself using mobile apps or other online services. There are numerous video tutorials online on services like Youtube with instructions that will show you how to play the piano. These range from basic guides to advanced tutorials.

If you compare this approach to the traditional one you can say that the modern option is cheaper, free actually. New technology and learning to play the piano on your tablet, smartphone or a laptop can be fun and you could do this anywhere, however, you would be constantly learning things by yourself. On the other hand, having a teacher or taking group lessons could allow you to directly ask the questions and resolve any possible issues immediately, without having to browse for a solution online.

Effort and consistency is key

The bottom line is that learning to play the piano can cost as much as you are willing to pay. It can be free if you’d like to learn to play the piano yourself by using free mobile apps or other online sources, but it could also cost a lot if you decide to get formal education with a reputable teacher. But besides money, piano lessons will cost you time and effort because learning to play the piano is not achieved by throwing money at it but through dedication and a lot of hours spent practicing.