Caitlin Berry Singing Teacher

Telopea St Redfern, NSW, Telopea St Redfern, NSW

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BA Music Theatre WAAPA, Masters of Teaching Secondary UNE

I am a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (2009), and have been working professionally in Musical Theatre for eight years. I can offer industry specific knowledge, as well as years of experience in performance and singing. I have completed a Masters of Teaching degree, which informs my understanding of the best ways to approach teaching, and the individual needs of the learner. This also means I can cater for HSC drama or music students, with a great degree of knowledge.

I think singing is a wonderful way to express yourself and is a great skill to learn. I can take on students of varying skill levels and will always tailor the program to meet their needs.

Looking forward to singing with you! 🙂

Styles: Music Theatre, Contemporary, Classical

Skill Level: Post-Graduate

Pricing: $70 per hour

To improve your confidence in singing and performance, or to greatly improve technique and skill level, these singing lessons are for you!

An hour class starts with technique exercises, including body awareness, and then moves into repertoire for the last half an hour. Repertoire is provided, and backing tapes are given for practice.

Above all, individualised support and encouragement means that lessons are always fun and inspiring!

Redfern, NSW Telopea St
Tel 0402 669 349 or 0402 669 349

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