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I have played banjo since I was 16…I decided to be a performer of banjo at the age of 5…my greatest love is this instrument…I perform with The Spirit of the Land in Sydney and I LOVE to help people learn this wonderful instrument. I can play Scruggs style but REALLY love two finger drop-thumb Mountain as well…I can help you learn! Call me on 0434-544-181 or e-mail

Styles: Scruggs, two-finger drop thumb (Mountain)

Skill Level: beginner to intermediate

Suitability: Ages 10 to 110 years

Pricing: $60.00 per hour

most styles of banjo, particularly three and two finger Mountain but I can teach others..I am a very patient teacher and I praise all wins and never criticise “losses” as there are none..I love the instrument and help others to find that same love.

Gladesville, NSW
Travelling in the local area
Tel 0434 544 181

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