General Information


We are an organisation that provides in home and online music lessons that are both open to all skill level and all ages.

Here are a few more reasons why we feel Mgen is your best option for learning music:

We provide some of the lowest costing music lessons in Melbourne, which becomes even lower when you purchase a package dea

lWe are the only mobile music school in Melbourne, providing the option of travelling to your homes for lessons

We hold four concerts per year, and have multiple other performance opportunities for students to showcase their talents and gain confidence in themselves

We support our teachers, paying them a higher percentage than most private music schools

We operate as a social enterprise, where all our profit goes towards social projects we run in disadvantaged communities

We believe in accessibility, doing what we can to provide music to as many people as possible, particularly those who may not have access to it

Contact us today, we love hearing about why you’re interested in learning music!

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